Speaker – Joe Mckenna

Joe MckennaAs a speaker I want to pull back the green curtain for businesses and reveal what’s really going on in sales and marketing. Businesses have been suffering – laboring under the rules of a new digital paradigm that has swept up companies like a rip tide. Widespread use of mobile phones, especially, has totally altered the way people buy, and must alter the way you sell.

When I speak, I aim for nothing less than to expose the truth, and make sense of this confusion.

Topics I can speak about:

The new principles of digital marketing: Every discipline in business requires an understanding of the fundamentals. The fundamentals of marketing have changed. I lay out 11 principles that describe the new reality of this discipline.

The rules and the tools for the Internet age: Though the advent of the Internet has taken many companies by surprise, the truth is, it’s been around for a little while at this point. There are established rules of the road and tools for success that the top companies online are using to win.

My experience in digital marketing: Over my career in business, I spent about ten years working hard to wrap my brain around the impact of the Internet before I ever developed a more complete understanding of the the discipline. I now own a digital marketing company. The Internet is exceedingly complicated, but as I often say: I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

About me

I am the CEO and co-founder of Cloud Potential. I also own the Cloud Potential family of companies – including Cloud Wise Academy (a technology school that offers accelerated training for high-demand skills), the Being Found Help Center (which solves marketing problems for business owners on the air), and Joe’s Web Geeks (which provides solutions to marketing problems). Prior to co-founding the Cloud Potential companies, I was the president of a fast-growing background check company for 8 years.

If you are interested in booking me to speak at your event or on your podcast, email our media specialist Andrea at [email protected]