Internet Superheroes – our bios

Meet the people behind our show

The Being Found Help Center is hosted by Joe Mckenna, but a couple other people work hard to make it happen as well. Here are the people in front of the mic and behind the scenes, bringing you the truth about marketing today:

Joe Mckenna aka CLOUD WISE JOE

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. 

Joe Mckenna is the CEO of Cloud Wise Academy, the former President at Pre-Employ, manager par excellence, and, most importantly, the host of the Being Found Help Center. It is his soothing voice that will be talking you slowly into the realm of Internet marketing success, and occasionally cracking weird, self-aware jokes about how bossy his producers are.

For about 10 years, Joe pretty much made it his second job to get a handle on how marketing works in the age of the Internet – websites, paid search, CRMS, CMS’s, SEO, you name it, he learned it. At long last he arrived at an answer and now he walks the earth, sharing his bountiful secrets and imparting his grave warnings to any business owner who stops and listens to what he has to say.

Find Joe on Twitter: @CloudWiseJoe



Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry. The incredible Chulk

Chauncey Haworth is the owner of archaic media, and is also probably the most knowledgeable Internet marketer in northern California. He manages the marketing for over 60 businesses of various sizes.

After doing pretty much every other kind of job out there, Chauncey discovered Internet marketing and found it was the perfect fit. Being a creative type, interested in art and music, he began in the web world by getting his own work online. For several years, he worked with Optimize Worldwide, a highly respected web development and marketing firm located in Redding.

Chauncey Haworth has been married for thirteen years to a friend of twenty-six years. Together they have three wonderful children.

His encyclopedic knowledge of horror movies and music is well publicized.

Andrea Mckenna aka MYSTERY WOMAN

“Work hard and be nice” 

Andrea Mckenna is Joe’s sister, and she handles social media for Cloud Potential and books guests for the Being Found Help Center. But beyond that, very little is known about her. Her mysterious presence makes everyone want to be her friend. She has been spotted roaming the deserts and woods. It’s thought that she lives somewhere in Southern California. Maybe.