Helping People Is Good For Business..Politics Are Risky

Chauncey: Hi welcome back to the Being Found show, we’re gonna bring you down from all this intense business talk that you have been just racking your brain, because sometimes when I’m talking to my wife specifically, we want to get to the bottom of a problem and there’s a lot of times where I just say to her, “Honey, I love you and we’ll get through this, but right now I’ve taken in enough information, I’m going to need to digest that.”

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: So at the end of the show we like to bring you down with a little bit of news, although…

Jake: We like to bring you down a little bit of news.

Chauncey: Yeah, yeah.

Jake: Well this is the part we tend to laugh a little more.

Chauncey: That’s true.

Chauncey: So the first thing id like to say here is its hard in this world, we’ve just be inundated with politics and bipartisanship and the division in this country and it’s hard to get that out of your brain, so here in the news, Facebook refuses a new, what is it, documentary or movie on Roe v Wade, that obviously is a big issue in this world, commonly discussed law about abortion.

Google has new protests about project Dragonfly, which is the proposed search engine that was maybe going to be censored in China, built for China so that government could watch their people and censor content. So this is the reminder that I would like to put out there; whether you’re Republican or Democrat, Conservative or liberal, you are a small business owner. Keep this stuff out of your small business, you can’t take the hits, you can’t deal with the losses that these big corporations are banking on.

They are using these news things as marketing and stuff like that. Your job right now is to just get business and provide a good service. I see a lot of businesses taking political stances, here in Redding, on Facebook, and stuff like that and I don’t think that it’s probably a good idea for your business to be associated with that at the level that small and medium-sized businesses are at. I think that politics is a game for big business and it probably shouldn’t be, but you guys go ahead and figure that out how you want, but focus doing a good job.

Jake: Yeah, and you know there’s also a lot of opportunities to do some great things locally. Get involved in local causes, sign your employees up for charity marathons, or anything that helps you, your team, and your business give back to the community.

Chauncey: Yeah.

Jake: Get known for that stuff.

Chauncey: Yeah. The Carr fire, a year from now everybody’s going to forget, they’re gonna be oh man, remember what happened last year, that sucked. Except for all those people that lost their houses and their homes, it’s still gonna be fresh to those people. If you wanna help some people help those people a year from now because they’re still gonna need it.

Jake: Oh yeah.

Chauncey: So you wanna get a message out there, get your message out there of helping people because that, as a service business, that’s really what you do, is you help people so run with that.

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: Don’t run with sharing your ideas and your political opinions. Don’t get me wrong, you can save that for your personal page.

Jake: Oh yeah.

Chauncey: There’s plenty of room there believe me. there’s also a lot of Facebook groups, I belong to two, The Farside, seems pretty pleasant right?

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: And Mistress Box Dank Meme Stash, which is like Star Trek Memes and you would think that seems really pleasant as well. Both are just badly inundated with political fights and half of my enjoyment is just going through and reading the comments and I’m just “Okay, it’s far side about some kids going on a field trip. How are we going to spin this to be about, what are the other…

Jake: Local politics.

Chauncey: Yeah but they do, somehow they do.

Jake: Recent politics rather.

Chauncey: Yeah. Okay, so another big going on here is privacy and of course, this is all over the news. It’s always all over the news. Supposedly the biggest breach, more than 700.000 people affected. Privacy’s a tough one because it’s definitely a generational divide.Whenever I see privacy on the news, young people just don’t care.

Jake: Yeah I mean, I guess it kinda depends on what is or isn’t … what information is everyone talking about. I don’t mind when people know my gender, my age, my hobbies, I think those help certain things like Google.

Chauncey: Right.

Jake: And Facebook, it helps them market to me. I don’t want make-up on my Facebook page, I don’t want make-up showing up on all …

Chauncey: You don’t buy it, why would you want to see it…

Jake: But you know, something I might be interested in, maybe the latest hiking gear, or something like that, well that’d be fun.

Chauncey: Right.

Jake: So I don’t mind in that way. But of course, there’s a limit. I mean there’s a lot of private things like, gosh, my social security number for example.

Chauncey: Yeah. And of course and I think that’s where the divide happens is, that you know, I can’t help but kind of talk about this country and how split we are, part of I think the problem in our world is that everything’s been drilled down to the lowest common denominator, so when we say privacy, people have encompassed so many things into it that when I say my privacy is being exploited, one person might hear that and go, oh my God, they got your Social security number and another person might go, oh my God, they know you collect, I dunno.

Jake: Stamps?

Chauncey: Stamps, yeah, perfect. Both of those fall into the realm of privacy and Americans tend to be so busy that we have a hard time taking those things apart. I’m a prime example, I consider myself a pretty smart guy, but I also have three kids, a wife, multiple jobs, I don’t necessarily have time to dissect every turn that the world has thrown at me. And so that’s kind of part of the problem there and that’s gonna have to be figured out before this privacy thing is taken care of you know. Granted passwords, the term password means that only you have it, you and a select number of people should have it. That probably should not be given away. But as far as other privacy, people are just all on Facebook, like I advertised that I collect stamps, and I advertised it all over Facebook and Facebook needs to keep my secret. I don’t know.

Jake: Yeah. I agree with that.

Chauncey: Don’t put it on Facebook. I’m sorry, what the heck.

Jake: I mean if people haven’t learned that by now, there’s gotta be something wrong with them.

Chauncey: Right.

Jake: When you put it on Facebook, it’s not private anymore.

Chauncey: So somehow we need to split those two into another word. We need tow categories of privacy so that we can have a real conversation about this and get it done. But right now, I think that everybody’s gonna be “Oh it’s the Democrats.” And people are gonna be “Oh, it’s the Republicans.” And frankly, it’s the media. The media is blanketing the term so that they can market it to you in a sensational way, and I’m not saying it’s media fake news, it’s not fake news, it might be fake news, I don’t know, once again I’m not taking a stance there. What they’re doing is they’re giving it to you and you’re supposed to dissect it but you don’t live a life where you can, so it’s just not really practical.

Now the last one we have on here is, is it possible? So has an article, Nine ways the Government shutdown could affect your small business, and I just found this interesting because all over the news it seems that we’re getting people saying that the Government shut down is ruining my life, and then another guy saying, the Government shutdown, I haven’t even noticed, it’s barely affected my life at all. So it got to me to thinking how does this affect small business?

And here’s a quick list, we’ll give a run down and we’ll try to see if these actually do affect us: Your biggest customers are the Federal Government and/or Government contractors.

Jake: Yes.

Chauncey: That would affect your business.

Chauncey: Your customers are military personnel. I guess that they’re coastguard at this point, in the future might be more.

Chauncey: Your customers are Federal employees. Of course. So you gotta think about where you live. If you live in a town where that’s a big part of your demographic, maybe that is affecting you. Oh, your business depends on tourism to a national landmark.

Jake: Ah, yeah.

Chauncey: That’s something that might affect here in Redding you know. I hadn’t thought of that. Is we do quite a bit of that going on here so maybe it does affect us.

Jake: Yeah, it’s true.

Chauncey: You need a passport, visa or gun permit. I don’t know anything about that, how it applies to your business. If that applies to you, please contact us online, cos I’m really curious about what your business is. You’ve applied for a small business administration loan. Yeah, that is a big one.

Chauncey: You’ve filed or are planning to file your taxes early so you can get a quick refund. I dunno know, refunds are sometimes not quick even when there isn’t a Government shutdown.

Chauncey: You’re applying for an IPO. That’s a little bigger than what we were talking about. And you’re affected by the state of the economy.

Jake: That’s everyone.

Chauncey: Ridiculous. I don’t know Inc, that last one’s a little ridiculous. So yeah, contact us online, I’m interested. Is the shutdown affecting your business or
does it matter to you? We’re at or of course, you can find us at
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