Last Minute Holiday Marketing…Business Tips

Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show. I’m your host, Chauncey and this is my co-host Jake. Jake, how are you doing this morning?

Jake: I’m good, Chauncey. How are you?

Chauncey: Oh, you know, it’s getting Christmasy. Which is stressful and beautiful at the same time. So how are the, as a new dad, this is your first dad Christmas, isn’t it?

Jake: It’s my second, and for my wife I’m to the point where I just login to my Amazon account and see what’s on the list, the wishlist. I’m like, oh, look. My wife’s shopping list. I’ll get these four things and be done.

Chauncey: Yeah, I don’t think that’s uncommon, you know. All right. So today we’re gonna talk about, of course, Christmas. Christmas is coming up and a lot of the time we talk about SEO and marketing for small business and medium size business. That ship has pretty much sailed for a lot of you. If you haven’t done it, that ship has sailed. So you’re really left with two potential ways to still get on board with what’s going on here. And these potential ways apply all year around, so I mean you definitely don’t wanna be oh, well I give up so I’m not gonna listen. You can still apply this in any time of the year, but today we’re gonna deal with social media and how you can really sort of get some traffic, some ideas of things to share to get some traffic during this holiday season.

Of course, the first thing on there is start planning early, which we’re past that. If you were planning early, you would have already planned. And personally I find that a little redundant when it says start planning early. I find planning and early to be a little redundant.

Jake: But you should have some sort of idea when you plan what’s going on. But that doesn’t mean that it’s past you, and that you can’t put together a good plan over this weekend and start executing it.

Chauncey: Let’s see. A fun one this weekend might be to scope out your competition’s past holiday campaigns. Especially find that competition that … a lot of the time companies will tell us, Joe pointed this out to me and it became very clear to me, that a lot of the time companies will say who their direct competitor is, but when you do the research, that’s not actually the direct competitor. But it’s close. You’re gonna have to take what you can get.

Figure out who your direct competitor is and really go on your Facebook and go on your Twitter and stuff like that and just follow them all the way back. See what they were doing last year. Try to remember last year who was getting some good success, and you were sitting there going dang, I should have done that.

Jake: I’ve got a question. If people often get it wrong, how would you suggest they go about finding their direct competitor?

Chauncey: Well SpyFu is a great way. SpyFu will let you do it for free right out the gate and then after you do, what …

Jake: Thirty days or something.

Chauncey: Well, you can get a free trial, but even, they’ll let you do it for a couple few searches.

Jake: Okay.

Chauncey: So if you search your own business on SpyFu, SpyFu will show you your direct competitors. And if you still can’t figure it out, a lot of businesses have a national competitor. A lot of these small businesses, the reason why they’re hit so hard is that they have these national competitors that are coming through, trying to take their stuff. And one way they’re trying to take your stuff and succeeding at it is by having successful marketing campaigns. So if nothing else, take a look at these national competitors and see what they were doing last week and see what you can amalgamate into your efforts.

Of course, you can’t do the sales that they’re doing. You can’t do that, but hopefully we’re coming up on a world where some of these big businesses for services, I’d like to see gone, frankly. I don’t think that they’re all that helpful. But I’ll get off topic here ’cause we’re about to come up on break. When we come back, we’re gonna keep talking about some things that you can do to drive traffic for Christmas and help you, but here I’m gonna get off topic just a little big.

And that it that we’re projected that more and more Americans are going to become independent contractors and basically a business unto themselves. I have to say maybe these large market places are a great place for the future. We’re just in this sort of weird transition time. But maybe in the future they might be, because more and more Americans are basically businesses unto themselves. I’m a business unto myself. You’re not far off. I mean, I’m sure you could see a future where that was the case.

Jake: Oh, yeah. Without a doubt.

Chauncey: So it’s like we’re really kind of right there.

Jake: And something that’s kind of cool is during this uncertain time, that’s opportunity for a lot of people. When you take advantage of the opportunities out there.

Chauncey: Yeah, a lot of people it’s their side hustle. And their side hustle maybe ends up being their real hustle.

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