Holiday Social Media Tactics For Business

Chauncey: Welcome back to the Being Found Show. We’re talking about holiday social media tactics that you can use right now to sort of get on board with what’s going on with what you might’ve missed or reexamine some of what you’re already doing. Or better yet to plan and follow through for next year.

Jake: Yeah, I think, oh yeah. Even if you missed this year, start today. And next year it’ll be all the easier.

Chauncey: Right. You can see what your competitors are doing and do it. You know, a lot of this is kind of quite simple. It’s just a matter of knowing what you’re doing and then executing those tasks. So much of life is that, is planning and planning fun. But then the execution of the task is not so fun, and people find ways to put it off and put it off and put it off.

So really if you’re a business owner out there and you just come up with a plan, even if you find somebody else’s plan online, I don’t suggest you do this. But if you’re doing nothing else, I do suggest you do this. Find somebody else’s plan offline and then just execute it and take a look at your successes and it will make you realize, oh if I just do a little bit, rewards will come my way.

The reason why we’re dealing with this is you’ve already lost a lot of opportunity for Christmas. A lot of Christmas opportunity for planning ahead is gone. You’re pretty much left with AdWords and social media, at least for online marketing. And in real-world marketing, you could get a Santa in a gorilla suit with a sign or something.

But all right, creating a clear campaign concept. I know that’s a very exciting term that’s probably given you goosebumps all over. You’re just, oh, clear campaign concept. That is exciting. But this is very, very helpful, especially in a world of thousands of little tasks where you can easily go down a thousand rabbit holes to just have a sentence.

So Jake and I, we do some SEO, we do some marketing together, and a big thing that we’ve been trying to do is just come up with a mission statement of we are trying to get this client more traffic for these keywords at this time of year. That’s what we’re doing. So when we’re working on the other task, and you get down a rabbit hole, you can come back and look at that and say that is the bottom line. That is what we’re doing.

So coming up with a clear campaign concept or tagline for anything that you’re doing is helpful.

Jake: Yeah. And then break it down from there.

So let’s say with your Christmas, I am trying to get more traffic for Christmas. That’s probably a little loose, probably a little loose. You’re going to want to tighten it up a little. One way to look at it would be what do we sell the most? We’re trying to sell more of those. But you have to realize maybe I’ve saturated the market on that. Am I the only business in town that does that?

If I am, I’m not trying to get more of those because I’m already getting those. I think a great one that businesses tend to overlook is which is my one with the highest ROI? Which product or service do I offer that costs me the least in time and money but gives me the biggest return on investment? And let’s push that because that is the golden egg. If you can … So there are so many hours in a day — Joe kind of helped me with this one too. Joe’s our little guru.

And he told me I was trading dollars for hours, which most people are. But there’s only so many hours in a day. So once you’ve traded dollars for hours to the point where all your hours are used up, not only have you maxed yourself out for the amount of money that you can make, but you’ve also used up all your time for finding those opportunities to make other money. So constantly having your eye on the prize of how can I make more money for the same amount of hours in a day is very important.

So yeah, so a clear concept is that we are trying to drive traffic for this product. We are going to offer 10% off of this service for Christmas. Now, a lot of you out there might be familiar with the term of loss leader. I am not suggesting that you take your small business and do a loss leader. That’s not practical.

Loss Leader: a product sold at a loss to attract customers.

But for those who don’t know what a loss leader is, that’s when a business gives something away and loses money on it because they’d make money back on other services or products. So not a loss leader, but if you have an ROI with a high ROI, you can afford to pull five, 10 percent off of that and have that help your Christmas campaign. Especially here you are with what, 25 days til Christmas. That’s probably your best bet, is to find what you want to sell more of, what you want to sell more of in the new year, discount it a little bit and blast out across social media.

Because even if it doesn’t come back to you by Christmas, you’re getting a lot of word of mouth that you offer this thing and the enticing deal is going to make people remember it all the better.

And then, of course, find your own angle is part of that as well. So I guess the angle would be ongoing to discount it, or my angle is that I’m involved in the community. Whatever it is that your business does differently. So many businesses say that we offer a personal touch and I’m sure that you do offer a personal touch, but I don’t know if that’s your angle. If you’re offering a personal touch, your own angle, you’re going to have to dig down a little deeper and really sort of illustrate how you offer a personal touch. Do you come to your house, do you call afterward? Do you make sure the offer guarantee, what is it that we’re doing to make you better than these other people who are personally touching everything? It is a term that they constantly do.

So it looks like I got a little ahead of myself a step four on this list. By the way, we’re, we’re looking at article on holiday social tactics. That’s where I’m pulling this from going on. We tend to do that. We go out, and we find some expert and we sort of break down what they’re doing.

And here they’re saying choose products to promote. And here they say top sellers, seasonally appropriate products and best gift options. They didn’t put in my ROI. I’m a little disappointed. I think that that’s a big one.

Jake: Oh yeah, yeah.

Chauncey: But top sellers, we already discussed that. And top sellers can be a great one if you’re in a competitive market. But if you’re the only game in town, your top seller probably isn’t your best bet because you’ve probably already saturated the market.

Jake: Yeah. Although I think Amazon this year hit hard with the Instant Pot. So apparently Instant Pot was the number one selling item on Amazon in the entire last year.

Chauncey: That thing is like a cross between that rice cooker that rice cookers or something?

Jake: Something like that. I’m not familiar with it.

Chauncey: Yeah, my wife wants one, I know that.

Jake: Well there you go, Christmas, you got it. So they pushed that this holiday season I know on Black Friday and a few other things. And I’m not sure about this, but they could have made that their loss leader, getting all that web traffic into the cheap Instant Pot right. Then, hey, while I’m here, I might as well get this, this and this. And Amazon made a killing.

Chauncey: I’m sure they did. Amazon is basically in and out of the news on a regular basis basically for breaking antitrust laws, but seeing how they’re a website marketplace, antitrust laws were written so long ago that they can’t figure out how they apply to Amazon. So Amazon is going around possibly breaking antitrust laws on a regular basis. There’s a show on Netflix called Patriot Act where they have an episode talking about how Amazon addresses antitrust laws.

Jake: Oh, interesting.

Chauncey: It is really interesting. So seasonally appropriate products, of course, is a great one, but a lot of businesses don’t necessarily offer those. So seasonally appropriate products and best gifts options, those are kinda the same thing. You know, something digestible, something that’s good for that, that’s great, but you might have to package what you already offer in a way that helps people understand that it is a good gift.

I work for a lot of carpet cleaners. A great gift idea is gift certificates for carpet cleaners so that after the holidays after your bratty little nieces and nephews leave and your family leaves where their dog has made his business on your carpet, you now have a gift certificate that you can have the carpets cleaned in your house. So wrapping your product in a way that illustrates to people that this is a great Christmas gift.

Jake: Your slogan can be ‘Your inlaws are gone, get the smell out.’

Chauncey: So that is a great way, wrap your ideas, no pun intended, wrap your ideas in some sort of concept that helps people to understand how this is a good Christmas gift. Plumbing, an amusing one just off the top of my head is can you imagine what those in-laws are doing to your pipes? So just getting your word out there, even if you’re not selling through Christmas, getting your word out there in a way that’s sort of shareable will help you figure out the rest of the year.

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