Advertising Has Changed..How to be found by your customers

Chauncey: Welcome back to the Being Found Show, and we’re talking about being found. You know a common topic here is SEO. I’m an SEO guy. So it’s like that’s normally what I think of, to the point where I’m kind of black and white about it. I’m kind of that guy, you know I’m not thinking outside of it. So we’ll kind of run over SEO quickly. I think on a 50,000-foot view, a good way to look at SEO on a local level is that it’s your new yellow pages.

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: You know, so if you’re old enough to remember that thing that your kids sat on when they were at the restaurant, that’s the yellow pages, and that’s how people used to find businesses, and now Google is the new big fancy yellow pages.

Jake: I will say one thing, and it was 30 years ago, and before the internet, when you ran an ad in the yellow pages, or you ran an ad at the local radio station there were typically some very predictable results. It was a very well established way to run ads.

Chauncey: Right.

Jake: Everyone was doing it. Everyone kind of knew you’d see this kind of return on investment if you’re this kind of business. The internet is the new way to run ads, but it’s so new and uncharted in a way that the results can be unpredictable. So I would say while you might have been able to fly by the seat of your pants with the yellow pages and with radio ads, today things are a little different. You probably do need some help to run an effective campaign going forward.

Chauncey: Oh yes. Yeah, you do.

Jake: At least for the time being.

Chauncey: Yeah and you have to base that off your competition and so on. Part of the thing that makes it so difficult is everybody who’s out there who’s old enough to be owning or running their own business probably has some kids or has met some kids or has talked to some kids. So, think about this. The way search works is you type in some words; I’m Chauncey, so I’m going to type in hey what’s this, that and the other thing, that’s what I’m looking for. Your kids talk so differently than you do with different jargon, different lingo, new contractions, all sorts of stuff and when they search, they search entirely differently. They use that jargon and that lingo.

So basically one reason why it can be so incredibly uncharted is that it is constantly evolving with the evolution of our language and the way that we communicate. You know, it is following that. So it’s trying to learn to figure out how do humans communicate but also it’s trying to learn how do humans communicate at any given point of their lifespan and this point of culture. So it will constantly just be changing and changing and changing.

Chauncey: That’s kind of why people need help is you need the keyword research. You need to know what people are searching for. You need to figure out who your demographic is and stuff like that. There’s a lot of that that you can do yourself. I’m not saying don’t go out there and get started. So nationally it’s a harder fight, but still, you list yourself because that’s really how you find new visitors. So SEO is really where you find new clientele. If you want to be found by new clientele, it kind of comes down to SEO and word of mouth. Don’t you think?

Jake: Oh yeah, yeah, easily.

Chauncey: Yeah and of course advertising, you know advertising gets you out there, and that’s going to find you new clientele as well. But frankly, I’d think you’d have a much more effective time with advertising if you were to offer somebody something. We’ve already kind of been programmed to the point where we kind of tune out advertising. You’ve seen the evolution of advertising online and around you, and it’s sort of trying more and more ways to get your attention because it knows that we tune it out. Like, look at how many commercials are funny now. I remember when I was a kid there were the CLEO awards and it was hosted by David Leisure. The CLEO awards were the awards for the best advertisements and they’d find like funny ones from, all around the world and they’d take up an hour. But now pretty much every other commercial is funny.

Jake: Yeah that’s the standard.

Chauncey: Those Farmer’s commercials are funny.

Jake: Yeah, Geico.

Chauncey: Geico is very funny and the Progressive commercials are funny, I mean they’re all over the place. Insurance definitely is blazing the trails on funny I guess.

Jake: Who would have thought?

Chauncey: Who would have thought, yeah. So another channel now that people are probably a little bit apprehensive towards is social media. In the world of technology, the internet is venerable that this point, it is old. We’re talking about how new and fresh it is but we’re talking about in the realms of human life and in the realms of technology, the internet is old. SEO is old. Google is old. Searching is old. Social media is coming up on old. Facebook is I don’t know, 10 years old, 12 years old, something like that.

Jake: Yeah, at least.

Chauncey: But what Facebook is finally now trying to do is really sort of compete with Google on a sort of search services and advertisement level and people are starting to find services and products via their social media. I still find it kind of weird the idea that I would ever click or purchase through something like this. I’m never going to do that but really like I say so often when I say things and I think people are out there scoffing at it, it doesn’t really matter what you think. It matters what the numbers think, you run a business, your goal is to get that money. I definitely not telling you to run out there and hook all your money into social media.

Jake: Right, probably and I think at Cloud Potential has a pretty good philosophy around that is that. You do a lot of different things, see what’s working and then amplify that channel. So really test your channels, look at your return on investment for each channel and then start putting the money into that channel that’s really making you the money.

Chauncey: Right and then you start to chase down second, even if it’s a distant second, you start to get the money coming in from the stability and then you start to expand. You know I was talking to my brother the other day and he said, or at least reminded me, I knew this, that when a business loses clients or starts to fail for any reason, that one of their number one things that they do is they reel in their marketing budget because that’s a good place where they can cut the money.

So I’m just saying no, what you do is you double your marketing budget because you basically go all in on marketing because if you don’t have new channels and you don’t have new business coming in, you just don’t have a business. It’s the long slow grind until you’re done. So social media is a great place to do that because frankly, it’s cheap. It is way cheap to advertise on social media compared to Google or search engines.

So social media search is a big thing, finding your specific social media avenues. So you want to be where all the social media businesses are, you know you want your Facebook, you want your Twitter, you want the stuff. The reason why you want those is citations, it’s part of your search. Frankly, it’s part of your SEO just to have those. So you want to have them.

One big thing that you need to do is set up your email. If I had known this five years ago I would not be in the constant clean up that I have put myself in. So it’s like I end up in my Facebook I probably have 30 pages of businesses and stuff like that and you have these other accounts and you got the Twitter and they’re all set up and my point is if somebody contacts me through one of those, I needed it to redirect to an email that actually shows up in front of me. If I had set all these emails up to redirect back to my email, so that’s like my number one thing now. If I go through and I set it up that email goes right to my inbox. Then you gotta be diligent about cleaning up what type of notification you want to get your hands on because it can be a mess.

So like Twitter, when you set up your Twitter, you have like 15 checkboxes that you can be notified when a friend of a friend of a friend retweets something. You’re like who the heck wants to know that. But apparently, some people do. But what you need to do is just if somebody contacts you directly you need to get a notification and be available to them because they just found you. You are being found.

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