Internet Marketing..What Does It Mean to Be Found?

Chauncey: Alright, welcome to the Being Found show, your guide to finding your online clients. You know, we’ve talked a lot over the past couple weeks about internet marketing and business, but you know, we’re really not addressing the main concept of Being Found.

Being Found is a concept. That is why the show was called Being Found Show. Joe originally came up with this. So, Being Found was really Joe’s concept, and for those of you who don’t know, Joe was our original show runner here, and he took an open ended hiatus because he has a lot of work to do.

Jake: I think he’s got a business or two to run, so he’s just lazy really.

Chauncey: Yeah, he’s got like four. And he’s one of those guys that can multitask. It’s like he can sit there and watch stuff, and look up stuff, and read stuff, and get work done all at the same time. He is just an explosion of ideas, and productivity at the same time.

Jake: Yeah, the only guy I know who can get work done and watch a movie at the same time. I couldn’t do it.

Chauncey: My wife can do it. She can. She’ll just sit there and let the TV run while she sits there and does a bunch of stuff. You can quiz her about what happened on the show, and she’s not even looking at it, and she’ll tell you everything that happened. It’s just amazing. Me, personally, I need to darken the room. I need to just like hyper focus.

So, the concept of being found seems like it would be that you get your business found by people, but that’s not the concept. The concept is that you are available to be found, that we live in this world where people have tons and tons of options. They can contact you in tons and tons of ways, and so each of these options ends up being its own channel, its own direct line to you.

The concept of being found is are you there? Are you at least there for them to find you?

Now, of course, phase two of being found is the be being there effectively, phase one is just be there. I think a big problem with this world, in general, but specifically in business is that people are so black and white, or they’re just so incredibly gray. So, they’re so black and white that it’s this way and that way, and they have no way to see outside of that, or they’re just so gray that they just have a mess in front of them that is just beyond handling.

One way that Joe has put it that you’re basically throwing up a net, and you’re catching this stuff, but you got to see it come in. So, being found really means being available so that clients can find you in the way that they want to find you.

A great example of this is somebody over 60 needs your services; how are they going to contact you? They’re probably going to pick up the phone, or they’re going to write you a letter, or if you’re a smart ass, they’re going to send Pony Express. If somebody under 25 wants to reach you, how are they going to reach you? They’re going to send an email at best, but really if they have the option of texting you, or chatting with you on your website, they’re going to take that.

Jake: Unless they can avoid human contact altogether, which they may do.

Chauncey: I guess I’m talking in the realm of services, but in the realm of products, yeah, you’re absolutely right. Products is another prime example. If somebody is over 60, chances are they’re going to want to call you. They’re going to want to make that purchase, and I realize, for those of you out there, that I am over generalizing.

I realize that there are a lot of tech-savvy people who are over 60, and people under 25, I’ve actually known quite a few, who are technologically impaired. So, I’m aware, but general statistics, just to get the point across, as far as products go, these people are more apt to call. The younger people are more apt to just make that purchase, and if they don’t like it, to put the thing in the box, and send it back, and everything just gets taken care of with their hands-free.

It makes me wonder if these younger people are non-confrontational, or if they’re too busy. What is the draw of this? Or have they just grown up in a world of it, so they view it as just kind of easy, and the way things should be?

Jake: I’m sure it’s a combination.

Chauncey: Yeah, I don’t know. It’s all relative. So, the concept of our show is covering ways for business owners to be found by their customers and that means being available where your customers want to find you.

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