Get Your Business Ready For The Holiday Season

Chauncey: All right welcome to the Being Found Show. We’re talking about getting your business ready for Christmas, and I’m going to stop reiterating the fact that I’m not telling you to decorate. Hopefully, you’re listening well enough to know that this is telling you to get your business ready. We are getting to some of the fun stuff; introducing special holiday promotions.

The very first note I have on here is that this is something I wish all clients did year round at least monthly, weekly if possible, but start monthly. Your SEO, content writers, and special media person will appreciate it. Half of the work Jake and I do together is dealing with content, and a large part of marketing is coming up with a way to talk about yourself. So coming up with these promotions is easy and you can base them around lots of interesting data. You know a really easy way to do it is go to Google Trends and just type in things that are relevant. Let’s say you’re an exterminator. Find out what bugs are bothering people during certain months. If you are an auto guy, figure out what people are having the most trouble with and be the guy who alleviates that stress. The holidays are a great time to be that company that alleviates some of these rough situations that are massively high stress through the holidays.

Jake: I like the fact you brought up Google Trends. If you are in an industry that has a lot of jargon, you can compare your jargon to what people are typing in online right and find some much better words that your clients are using to connect to them.

Chauncey: Yeah and this is extra important when you’re paying variable amounts of money. So in the case of SEO, you’re probably paying a flat fee on the monthly, and you’re making their job easier because you are giving them something valuable to work with. If you’re also doing Adwords where you’re paying a variable amount of money for a certain amount of leads, doing this research can save you thousands of dollars a year. You’re targeting people who are going to give you money. You know it’s like well I did. If you are a boat injury lawyer, you aren’t going to be advertising in January because it’s not a practical time to do so and is just a waste of money. I suggest that every business write down on a piece of paper 12 things you are willing to give away or promote for each month. That is a great place to start, and you can grow it from there.

So another thing is you can offer as a small gift to inspire a purchase. You know a lot of this has to do with inspiring the purchase because we live in this world where everybody wants a little bit more. The dichotomy that we live in where everybody thinks we need to throw away our wants and get back to the basics, but also when shopping, we want free things and expect even more.

So the next tip is to offer incentives for people who drop from a full cart online, as a percent off coupon if they continue with their order. I’m sure you’ve dealt with this one, and a lot of the stuff online is geared towards online sales, and I appreciate that. But I feel like they’re sort of ignoring the massive online influence for the service industry. Once you have them there shopping on your site, the hardest part is to get the customer to buy something. My wife will go online and fill up a cart and then set her tablet down and walk away. She uses these sites to window shop but ultimately decides not to go through with the purchase. When she leaves her cart full, she usually gets an email from the company offering her 20% off an order. Most of the time she won’t convert, but when she does, she will ditch four out of the five items and still get the 20% off. Offering an incentive at checkout can help you get those sales.

Now, if you’re in the service industry, I’m sure you get a lot of leads that don’t go anywhere. So when you are dealing with email offers, you want to go with a drip campaign. You can create sort of a real-world drip campaign where you’re filing those leads off to the side and coming back to them and seeing if they still need your help.

Jake: Real estate agents do a great job of this. You contact realtors even when you are just loosely considering and prepping to buy a house. It takes time. When you are looking online at listings, you may see something that says you can enter your email to see quality listings and such. You play into it and enter your information because you genuinely want to see what they have to offer. Within an hour, an email is in saying you can contact them if you have questions about this thing or the next. You know this was a couple of weeks ago I did this. I’ve got probably four or five more e-mails, and each one is kind of just probing questions and saying, “Hey we see that you haven’t come back. Do you have any questions?” They are giving me every opportunity to give them a call or send them an email so they can address any questions I have. While some people find that annoying, and I do too, I might just respond.

Chauncey: I find it annoying too but when you finally do have a question and don’t know exactly where to look.

Jake: Exactly, now you have five or six emails in your inbox pointing directly as someone more than happy to answer those questions because it prompts a conversion.

Chauncey: You have an expert beating down your door, and because it is such a high dollar purchase, you want someone who knows what they are doing. They’re not like a used car salesman trying to get the conversion as fast as possible. The real estate agent tries to be informative and trustworthy.

The next is that secret Santa sales get extra data from specific sources by offering specials to them, such as your email list, your Facebook page, or a group. I think you have to have the traffic to support this. You know it’s just as easy to offer the same special to everybody but with some sort of tracking code for each person. A prime example is, a co-worker of ours, Andrea, has a newfound love for Pinterest. It really goes to show you and to remind you how drastically different people are who are coming from different sources. One sales incentive may be more effective to one type of person than to another.

So it’s like I’m giving away some sort of electric sander foot scrubber. Chances are the men are perfectly content with their gross calloused feet. They won’t be necessarily excited about the offer. For women, that is going to be ion incentive, but you will need to provide something different in that area for men. I’m just using this as an example because it’s one that’s very obvious to a lot of us. There are a lot of demographics that you could be chasing down to figure that stuff out.

Using Google Trends to hunt down keywords and searches to reach your audience, finalizing that conversion through incentives and offers, and Secret Santa sales to find your audience and real them in, you can get your business ready for this holiday season. Thank you for listening to this segment of the Being Found Show, to hear the full show listen here: Being Found Show Episode #62 or subscribe to our Podcast.