Tips and Tools to Prepare your Website for the Holiday Season

Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show, helping get you a larger percentage of the online buying market. I know it’s so exciting. You’re like trembling in your seat. I’m Chauncey Haworth, here with Jake Hinton. There is nothing more exciting than business on a Saturday morning. But you know if you really are interested in business like we are, chances are you’re thinking about it on a Saturday. Just like we are. It’s been a long week and I’m trying to get caught up. There’s been a lot of revamping and reworking and tasks put in front of me that I was able to get halfway through and then hit roadblocks. It was it was not a hugely productive week for me I have to say maybe it is in the long scheme. You know it’s like you got to think about long-term and sometimes you just can’t move on without getting over some of those hurdles. But I have to say that I did not leave any impressive trails this week in the work department.

Jake: While we all have those weeks I should add I’ve been I’ve been putting a lot on Chauncey. We have a really cool new program called Asana and it is sort of a task management program. So I get to put things on that and then assign people out.

Chauncey: So yeah for any of you guys using this stuff out there we have been using a program called Trello which is a fun management system. It’s fun because you get to move stuff around and it has little interactive widgets and stuff like that. And then we’ve also been using one called Process Street.

Jake: Trello is great. it’s a little bit more simple and streamlined which is great for the project management process. It is great for checklists you know if you have a task that’s a little bit complicated. People sometimes forget some steps. Just make sure that people hit each step as they go through the process. We’ve moved to Asana because again it covers both.

Chauncey: So but I would say anybody who’s starting out and looking for some help with project management it is great. My wife tracks all of our bills with Trello now you know so she basically just moves the bills across as they’ve been paid. Once they’ve all been paid she moves them back over and then starts the next month. It’s totally free with a lot of great options and as far as project management programs go it’s just about as fun as one could possibly get. I don’t know if fun really applies. Yeah you know but you get to actually move stuff by physically dragging and dropping stuff.

Jake: Although I will say when you complete a task with Asana, a unicorn or some other creature is flying across the screen.

Chauncey: Yeah I have to admit that that blew me out of the water when I first saw going on a mole like around the island. Because Process Street just has the confetti. They kicked it up a notch with the magical narwhal thing.

So let’s get into this. We’re really sort of helping businesses get ready for the holiday season. I know you’re probably thinking of the holiday season like we covered last time I’m pissed off that I see Christmas decorations coming out in July or whatever and everybody has their personal opinion about when Christmas needs to come out and so on and so forth. If you run a business your opinion doesn’t matter. Save your personal opinions for personal conversations. When it comes to your business, you need to be prepared. So what we’re talking about here is not about getting your Christmas decorations up and decking the halls with Holly and bells. But what we’re talking about is being prepared for that holiday season craze. You know you can relieve yourself of a lot of stress by getting this stuff done in the beginning so that you can sort of go through the holiday season by running your business like you normally would.

So there’s some prep stuff to get out of the way. Last week we covered just two topics. We covered Analyzing past data that will establish a baseline and you do this by getting analytics on your site. If you already have analytics on your site that’s great you can look at some data from last year and see what you can expect this year and what it is expected to grow. Because no matter what it’s going to grow a little bit. Of course, your traffic’s up from last year because people are exponentially going to the Internet.

You know so we have to expect that your traffic will be up a bit and you need to be analyzing your past data so you’ve got to get analytics on your site. It’s not hard to do. Chances are you can figure it out yourself but if you can’t figure it out yourself you can always call Cloud Potential. You could contact your marketing guy even if you got your son or your friend’s kid who’s in college he or she should be able to do this. You know this is not a difficult thing to do. The difficult thing that comes from analytics is down the road really sort of analyzing the data in depth and navigating analytics but you can’t get to that step unless you get it in there and on your website in the first place.

Jake: So nothing is worse than having no data at all. So better just to get started even if you’re not quite ready to read and analyze.

Chauncey: That’s like me saying I’m going to learn to be a carpenter just by reading a book and then later I’m going to get the wood and nails and then we’re going to make this happen. You have to have it all at once. So you get the analytics in there. Then you can figure out using analytics and there’s really four or five metrics in there that any business owner needs to know. Of course, there are millions of opportunities to find other data but on a beginner’s level, there’s really only four or five things in there that you really need to know.

So get that into your site. The other thing we covered last week was being optimized for mobile. You know we have listeners around the world but we really come out of Redding, California and Redding, California itself is not super technologically forward when it comes to a lot of this stuff. So you might be looking at this stuff thinking well I don’t need that and I don’t need this.

Not only that but you do it just do because Redding is taking a little longer to get there. That means it’s going to hit all the harder and all the faster as it’s happening which is now. So you need to be ready to optimize your site for mobile. Most of you who have had your website built in the last two years are probably already mobile responsive. I don’t know about your page speed but it’s probably mobile responsive. Google thinks this is such an important thing. They’ve created a tool. It’s a mobile testing tool which they have online now you can use it with your website today. Search “Google mobile testing tool”  and it is probably the first thing that comes up. Pop your website in it and Google runs a test to make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Chauncey: Up until about a year ago, maybe less, Google was running two search algorithms; one for desktop and one for mobile. About a year ago they switched it all over to Mobile. So even if you are desktop, it’s running off of just one algorithm that is picked up for mobile.

Jake: If you haven’t been convinced already all these things that Google is doing, spending all this money, they’re doing it because they really care about having every website ready for mobile.

Chauncey: Because that is the future. You know your desktop is out. Well I think like I was saying the other week you know my wife pays bills on the desktop and that’s it. And she does that to change her mindset. She could do it from her tablet like she does everything else from her tablet shopping and everything else but she just goes to the desktop to pay bills to change your mindset.

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