News – Facebook Privacy & Yelp Negative Reviews

Welcome to the Being Found Show, your radio resource for helping your business find your online buying audience. I’m your host, Chauncey Haworth, here with my co-host, Jake Hinton. We are going to start off with some news about Facebook. They are now able to give some answers about what they are doing to better protect your privacy and election meddling.

I think that facebook collects things that are important and keeps it to themselves. I’m not surprised that people are getting vague answers from Facebook, but the people aren’t happy about it. How do you feel about Facebook and its privacy?

Jake: I don’t care. If they can figure out a better way to get the ads off my page that I don’t want to see and put the better ads that I may want to see, then, by all means, go for it. I will say this, the data they collect ought to be around services they can provide to me, like showing me ads. They don’t need to be looking into anything else as far as I’m concerned.

Chauncey: I agree. The other thing is the election meddling. They are trying to take down the pages and put a stop to some things but where can they draw the line? I have another show that covers like paranormal topics. I do not believe in the flat earth, but are you going to pull down flat-earthers from Facebook just because they’re believing something squirrely? As a business, they have the right to do pretty much whatever they want. When they cross the line, they’ll suffer for it monetarily, provided there’s enough of a free market to let some other people kind of creep up and nip at their heels who want to allow those people to express their opinion somewhere. No one is taking that opportunity because it is an institution at this point.

We were talking about how things like CDs which were at one point revolutionary, fall short and die off because of things like Netflix. Consider Xerox and Kodak. Someday someone is going to do a better job, and they will stop being the most relevant brand. A big thing that media outlets love to cover is the fact that people are spending less time on their phones. I think because it was all over the news about how Android and Apple are trying to help people to monitor the amount of time that they’re spending on their mobile devices, they are cutting back on usage time on their own.

I watched a video this week about a product called The Light Phone. It is a cheap phone that does nothing except make phone calls. There’s no color screen, you can’t watch videos, you can’t do anything else but make a phone call, and it’s designed for people who are going through this. This is to help people stop staring at their phone and only have that call functionality. So it’s designed to be like an old phone.

I didn’t have a fancy phone for a long time, and when I finally got the newest and fanciest Android, I sat there for two days playing with it and adding things to it. When I finally got a phone call, I remembered its real purpose. Phone calls aren’t fun and are often someone telling me they need something but everything else on our phones is unnecessary.

The last piece of news on here is the California Supreme Court ruled Yelp doesn’t have to take down negative reviews. Someone put up a bad review about a lawyer about how much he sucked, and the lawyer sued the man, and he didn’t show up in court. The lawyer won by default and then Yelp was told to take it down. Yelp had nothing to do with the case, and Yelp came back and said we’re not going to do that. The supreme court has ruled that Yelp doesn’t have to take it down for their first amendment rights.

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