Website Tips: E-commerce & Service Based Business

Chauncey: Welcome back to the Being Found Show, the local business guide for to being found by more buying customers online. We are sharing some basic tips for your business website.

A quick reminder for your businesses site is to make sure you have “HTTPS” on your website. If you don’t, you are going to start to fall short on search. Your customers will start to get warnings that your site isn’t secure and you are going to lose customers because of it. This is already being seen across the web, and it is going to start to get worse. Check your website address on the URL bar, if you don’t have HTTPS before your web address, call your web guy or get on Go Daddy. You need to make sure that you have that on there. Learn more about this in our previous article: Why An SSL Certificate Is Important For Your Company Website

Another thing I wanted to bring up is e-commerce for small businesses. Regardless of what kind of business you run, you should have an e-commerce site. Let’s say I’m selling pest control services, people can sign up, they can pay online, you can save some money, you can save them some time, and you can let them buy the way that they want to buy.

If you are selling products you don’t need a flashy E-commerce site; you should let the pictures do the talking and not have all this extra nonsense. When it comes to a service business, you do want some flashy call to action buttons because there is only one thing you are trying to sell, your service.

It is six to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. People have a need, and you have a service. You need to get these people’s names, phone numbers, email addresses, and for them to contact you, to know about your business so that they will want to buy from you. So you do need to invest in that lead. You do need to chase it down, and you do need to invest in some advertisement for your product or services.

If they’re already your customer, you know their name, their phone number, their email address, all of this stuff, and you also know when they need to come back. Let’s say you’re a pool cleaner and summer is coming up. Now it’s probably a good time to figure out which one of your clientele’s have heated pools and maybe need pool cleaning on the regular throughout the year as opposed to your seasonal customers. You know these things, and you can base your marketing and your advertising to go after what you know. Retain your customers and treat your customers well.

With e-commerce sites, people aren’t window shopping. They want to be able to look around and find exactly what they are looking to buy. They don’t necessarily want to see the world’s coolest, trendiest website. That doesn’t mean don’t make your homepage fun, but when it comes to browsing products, you should get down to it.

If you are starting an e-commerce site, whether or not you’re using Shopify doesn’t matter. But Shopify has a lot of information, a lot of statistics and surveys that they’ve taken over the years to shape an e-commerce site into precisely what the consumers want to see. If you check out the blog on, they might be able to steer you in a good direction as far as what’s working and what isn’t, regarding making your customers happy because it’s a universal e-commerce blog.

My wife mentioned to me a situation she found herself in a while shopping on an e-commerce site. While she was shopping, a notification had popped up saying if she didn’t buy the two items that were in her cart, they would let someone else purchase them. They will empty her shopping cart if she wasn’t going to buy those things.

My suggestion is don’t threaten your clientele. When she told me that, I knew they were utilizing some old sales technique. If a site expects their clients to pull the trigger on the sale right away, they are going to be very disappointed. That isn’t going to working in this day and age where if someone doesn’t like a site, they can find the same product on a thousand different sites.

Take time to make sure your website is user-friendly, functional and secure. If you don’t know what to look for, then reach out to your marketing company and ask them to help you.

Website Tips: E-commerce & Service Based Business

  1. Start marketing your business online
  2. Utilize vertical marketing channels. Be visible where your customers are looking. Find out more about vertical marketing here: Reach a More Targeted Audience with Vertical Search
  3. Make sure you have an SSL Certificate (HTTPS) on your site: Why An SSL Certificate Is Important For Your Company Website
  4. If you sell products online, you don’t need to be flashy. Let the products do the selling.
  5. If you are a service-based business, you might need to be flashy to get the attention of your customers, so they will be compelled to share their information with you.
  6. Don’t use scare tactics to sell; there are thousands of other places customers can get your products or services, so be nice.
  7. Use an e-commerce site like Shopify to make things easier for you and your customers.

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