How to Re-purpose your Content – Tips & Tools

Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show. We are here to help you be found by more buying customers. One way you can do that is by repurposing content. It is really exciting because most people don’t do it. Jake and I don’t do it enough.

What repurposing your content can do is liberate you in the sense that you will find yourself needing to make less content and you will find yourself being able to be more creative. Most jobs are all grunt work and maybe 5% creativity. Working in internet marketing allows me around 15% creativity which is a pretty big jump. When you’re repurposing content, you are learning to manage your content and your business more efficiently. The allowance for creativity grows to 20/25% of your job.

Let me explain to you how you can repurpose your content. Any business out there with a website needs content. So in the case of your website, it’s textual content. You write a blog, and that blog can be turned into a video by doing a voiceover and running a slideshow. So right there you repurposed your content. Now you can upload that video everywhere and share it.

But wait, that video had audio. You extract the audio from the video; you now have an audio file that you can upload everywhere. You wrote a blog that can be changed to a pdf that can be put into print media so that you can print it in some industry newspaper and so forth. There is a massive opportunity to stretch one good piece of content a very long way.

So, you can take one piece of content and supply your site with months worth of viable content. Why not take advantage of all those different verticals with that original content? The hard part tends to be wrapping your brain around all of it and all the potential. I think that’s what holds a lot of us back is that we’re flying by the seat of our pants and we’re trying to make our businesses survive.

Here are five ways to repurpose a blog post

  1. Charts or Infographics
  2. Slide Decks
  3. Newsletter Material
  4. PDF
  5. Content Syndication Network Submission

I’m a marketing guy, but I realized that a lot of you guys out there listening are not marketing guys, you’re just business owners. So it’s like you come to guys like us and you say just do it and get it done. Then businesses want to see an immediate return for their buck, which automatically brings down quality and as soon as quality is brought down, you’re repurposing becomes less effective.

If I could tell anybody to do anything, it would basically, invest yourself in writing a great blog and then set it off to the side. You can break it into pieces and create tons of quality content because of one good project. Jake and I worked together doing content marketing, and this is something that we could do more, don’t you think?

Jake: Yeah, I think so. We had that discussion earlier this week about a good way to potentially make a video voiceover of some of the content we’ve already created because we’ve made some great content. Why don’t we take that extra step?

Chauncey: Yeah. The hard part that I’m not addressing that maybe other marketing people out there are scoffing at is that things get expensive when you bring in creativity. Let’s say I want to turn my blog into an infographic, and that’s not cheap. I can’t just do it myself. There are some programs out there that are infographic creators, and they’re good, but they’re not inherently creative. You’re just using their template and putting in your own statistics and so on, which is a good starting point.

Go check out Canva, a free graphic-design tool website. It uses an easy drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. Non-designers, as well as professionals, use it. I mean they must have hundreds of templates. You can just plug your words and data into it to easily create your own graphics.

I would say that everybody needs to learn that there are tiers of quality and there’s definitely the learning tier, and you just have to fail forward. Get in there and figure it out, you don’t know what you can create using these tools for your business unless you try.

Also, remind yourself that consumers are not judging your work the way you judge your own. They have no emotional investment in your stuff. That’s a very common thing. I think artists have this issue where they all hate their paintings, right? Who cares if you hate your painting, does it get the point across to other people? Do other people like it? You won’t know until you put it out there, spend a couple hours on something, put it on your website, and see what happens. You’ll find yourself repurposing your good content.

As a business owner, you’ve got a marketing company, ask them if they’re making your content, blogging, or anything like that. Tell them to try to make one really good chunk of content and see if that works out better than 100 decent ones. One really good piece of content and all of its satellite expansions can be way more effective than 100 decent pieces.

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