What’s Going on with Project Hometown: Update

Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show. I want to remind our viewers of Project Hometown and encourage the community to get involved. Jake could, you tell us what Project Hometown is all about?

Jake: Sure, Project Hometown is an initiative to boost the economic health of our local area and we’re going to do that by tearing down the barriers to entry to get your small business online and we’re going to do that by training high schoolers how to build you that website and we’re mentoring those high schools along the way with local technology companies.

In fact, Thursday I had the opportunity to get a high schooler to Pacific Sky, who’s another technology company in town. The introduction was basically, “Here’s the high schooler who is going to be building the website. Here’s the business whose website you’re going to be building and Pacific Sky, you’re going to be mentoring this teenager along the way.” This student will be creating a great inexpensive website for the company and is gaining valuable work experience through this process.

For those of you out there worried about putting your business into the hands of a teen in high school, it isn’t that simple. You are trusting your business to the student and the tech company who mentors them. You can visit Project Hometown online and find more information if you are a small business owner who is interested. If you are a high school student interested, you can go to Cloud Wise Academy to sign up and find out more.

Chauncey: This is a good time to explain to people that you need to keep up technologically. That’s the goal here with Project Hometown; Redding needs to keep up technologically on a business level because on a consumer level we are well caught up. A business moves slower than its consumers and the larger your business, the slower it moves with the times.

As you grow, it moves slower and slower until you get up to the government, which moves at a glacial pace. So basically the more your business grows, the more you need to be aware that you are moving slower than consumers because basically people create technology and consumers run to it and you were the last one to show up.

Project Hometown: Building Businesses, One by One, Together

What if all of our companies’ websites, email communications, social media, and marketing, our “Digital Footprint,” reflected our county’s creativity, talent, collaborative-nature,
service-orientation, and our commitment to excellence…

Visit Project Hometown to learn more about how your business can thrive in an e-commerce environment. If you are a teen or know one who is interested in getting involved, have them visit Cloudwiseacademy.com

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