Cloud Wise Academy is now enrolling students: Project Hometown web development class

Cloud Wise Academy is now enrolling students for the upcoming Project Hometown web development class, free for high school students.

Sign up here: Project Hometown web development class

Hey guys, it’s Jake here with Cloud Wise Academy. Did you know there are about 16,000 businesses registered right here in Shasta County? Now according to Google and other browsers, only about a thousand of those businesses have a noticeable online presence. That means about 15,000 businesses need help being found online.

We also have hundreds of high school students graduating in our area every single year. These students are young and they’re bright. They know how to use technology and they’re entering the workforce right now. Here at Cloud Wise Academy, we see this as an opportunity. What we’d like to do is teach these students the skills they need to be able to help these businesses be found online.

We’re going to teach students:

  • How to set up a web host
  • How to set up a WordPress website
  • How to add a theme to that
  • And how to use all of those things out together to make an amazing website for our small businesses

Here’s the best part, we’re giving the class for free. Someone has already paid for us to run the class. We just need to get students in our seats. So if you are a student or if you know a student please go to and sign up for the class today. This is an amazing opportunity and we really hope to see you guys there.

Find out more about this class and sign up here: Project Hometown, High School Web Development Class