Radio and direct mail marketing for small business

Welcome to the Being found Show. I’m Chauncey, filling in for Joe Mckenna and we’re doing a series of tips to help small businesses succeed in 2018. 

We are going to discuss Physical Mail Marketing and Radio Marketing for local business. These marketing platforms still work because customers have not changed that much, they still want the same things, great customer service, and a good deal.

Direct Mail Marketing – make it something your customer will appreciate or don’t bother.

If you’re a service business such as a carpet cleaner with a physical mailing list, you know everybody’s address because you’re showing up there. But for most industries, if somebody gives you their physical address, they gave you the keys to the castle. They gave you their most sensitive information as a person. They gave you their physical address and permitted you to reach out to them at their physical address through the mail. So don’t abuse that. So make sure you are only sending them things they want.

We found an article on Forbes where communication experts share great tips for mail marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the suggestions mentioned in the article;

  • Use social media to find your perfect target recipients
  • Integrate your digital and direct mail efforts
  • Make it handwritten
  • Be exclusive

Information Source: Forbes

Radio Marketing – Is It Still Effective?

Radio Marketing is a great way to get your branding out there, not necessarily a great way for conversion. You will need a website in conjunction because people aren’t writing down phone numbers any longer. They remember the name, and they remember the service from the radio and television ads, and then they’re searching it online.

Radio and television marketing is not getting the recognition it deserves. People everywhere listen to the radio and watch television from time to time, so it is a great place to display your service and your information to potential customers.

That is what this show is about. We aren’t just talking about being found online; we are talking about being found by more buying customers, wherever that may be. Make sure that you’re available in the ways that people expect to find you.

Utilizing radio and physical mail marketing and finding a happy medium between the internet and the real world will help your business become found the right way and broaden your customer base. You need to make sure as a business you are balancing your real-world customers and internet customers. Don’t ignore the real world!

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You need to make sure as a business you are balancing your real-world customers and internet customers. Don't ignore the real world!