Learn basic webmaster terminology for business success

Joe: Welcome to the Being Found Show. We’re your guide to being found by more buying customers. If you aren’t being found, then who is? This is also the best hour in radio for businesses. Also even I get helpful information from our team who’s putting the show on our Facebook page. Sometimes I’m researching the show, I go to my own Facebook page and find all kinds of great information. So check us out at Facebook, at Being Found Help Center. I’m Cloud Wise Joe here with my co-host Chauncey Haworth. Merry Christmas to our viewers, Merry Christmas to you Chauncey, and our bossy producer, Jared.

It’s going to be a pretty cool show, the year is ending, and we’ve got 2018 coming so I want to get into some of the news that happened this year. There’s a couple of big things and also I want to talk about what marketers are thinking they should be doing in 2018. As well, Google has some advice for us.

I think if you’re in business you’ve pretty much heard the terms mobile-friendly, responsive website, mobile first, My site’s not mobile friendly, all those kind of things. A lot of that happened because of a change Google made a year ago. I think even the year 2016 and that difference was that they were going to start looking at websites from both a desktop version and a mobile version and rank them differently. Google came out on December 18th with more input and more news about what that means.

Also, news this week that stuck out to me is when I was talking with some clients over the weekend and more than just once, I would be talking about something like a tool or an analytical number and right in the middle of the conversation, they interrupt me and say What is that? What is Google Webmaster Tools? What is that analytic number I’m talking about? So what I want to add to the show is a, “What is that?” section where we say what these things are and what they’re for. So should be a cool show.

Chauncey: It will provide business owners the opportunity to catch their marketing companies off guard by not being caught off guard by the terminology they use. I think a lot of companies are wowing the company that they work for with their technical jargon. But really if you break down the all that it’s not necessarily all that technical.

Joe: It’s not all that technical and us internet dorks or nerds or whatever you want to call us, sometimes we do exactly that. We get caught up in being the smartest guy in the room or smartest gal in the room but when you’re the smartest person in the room that means you’re leaving everyone else behind.

This show is about demystifying this stuff and putting the power back in the business owners hands. Frankly, they are going to be better at managing and understanding this stuff than we will, as good as I think you are and as good as I think I am. A wise client who understands how all this stuff works, at least at a base level, who can captain their own ship is still going to be a better captain than you and I can be for their marketing or their growth.

Chauncey: Absolutely. Because they’re invested in it in a way that we can never be.

Joe: In the next segment we’re going to talk about the Brute Force password hacks that are happening. So brute force password hacks mean that there are bosses that have a bunch of passwords and they’re trying like crazy to get into your websites and your servers and things like that. That’s on a huge rise.

If you’ve got a website, this newest hack is probably going to be something you encounter. We’re coming to the end of this segment. Thanks for listening to the Being Found Show, listen to the full show here: Being Found Show Episode #42

 A wise business owner who understands how all this stuff works, at least at a base level, who can captain their own ship is still going to be a better captain than you and I can be for their marketing or their growth.

We have gathered a few useful links to help business owners learn the basic webmaster terminology.