Jake interviews Rod, web developer on the 2017 Redding Startup Weekend winning Team

Interview with Rodrick Dusio, web developer and our team member at the Being Found Help Center and instructor at Cloud Wise Academy.

Jake: So I’m here with Rod and he’s going to tell me a little bit about Startup Weekend, how he got into this etc.. So Rod, what were you doing before you were doing this?

Rod: Well I was a pizza delivery driver and I was in the National Guard and I did a little bit of a stint in college. It wasn’t really for me.

Jake: And so how did you break into the world of web development?

Rod: So I went to this really cool class I hear about through a buddy, It’s called Cloud Wise Academy. I went to the vocational school. You know there was a really awesome atmosphere, really great teachers, and got me on track to become an awesome developer.

Jake: Awesome. And so using the skills that you learned there, you were actually able to help the team here at Startup Weekend, this past weekend to win the whole competition. Can you tell me about that?

Rod: Yes I can. So the classes definitely help me get on track for this, and also you know my career afterward. Everything I learned in the classes prepared me for it. Startup Weekend, I built their website, I did their online marketing campaigns and all that kind of stuff that we do teach here now so.

Jake: So just to be clear you were able to actually take a business from conception to realization in a single weekend that has an online presence, is completely electronic turnkey ready. That’s great. Well thank you Rod. If someone is interested in Startup Weekend, how do they find out about that?

Rod: Go to startupredding.com to find out more. Thank you guys. Have a good one.

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