The Moseley Family Cellars and their explosive growth

    The Moseley Family Wine Cellars

    Want to recreate the Moseley Family’s success? We want you to also.

    Last week we sat down with Mimi Moseley of Moseley Family Cellars and talked about her business, and the way she markets. In addition to their techniques for great wine, the Moseley’s have come up with a killer recipe for growth.

    What are the Moseley Family Cellars?

    The Moseley Family Cellars are a local winery. The winery does not grow its own grapes but rather buys high-end grapes from Napa, Sonoma, Lake County, Calistoga, Oregon, and elsewhere. Everything else, from crushing the grapes to bottling the wine, is done in the winery.

    “Most wineries have their own vineyard,” Moseley says. But since we don’t do that, we have the luxury of going to different vineyards and picking out the best quality grapes. We take our truck down the night before, about 3 AM. They load them up, and then we drive back up here.”

    Located in a small portion of the old KMS building on Caterpillar road, the Moseley Family Cellars have quickly become a serious attraction for Redding natives and travelers since it was founded just a few years ago.

    Previously they were located downtown. Since moving to a larger location, they have expanded dramatically.

    “When we were still next door to the radio station, our winery was making about 750 cases a year,” Moseley recalls. “We moved to our current location, where we have more space, and this last year we made just under 3000 cases. Within the next two years, we’ll be at 5000.”

    The Mosley Family Wine Cellars

    Their strategy for growth

    The Moseley’s have done something that sounds simple, but that few businesses in Redding have accomplished.

    • They know who their customers are (people aged 21-46)
    • They know where their customers are having conversations (social media)
    • They are a part of those conversations

    When asked about the effectiveness of advertising, in this day and age, Mimi replied that, “Some of the advertising works, and works very well. Radio advertising is very effective for us. Newspaper advertising not as much. One of the things that really took off for us is Facebook. I’m a Facebook maniac, and I’ll put posts online that say, ‘The next two people who come into the tasting room get $20 off a bottle.’ When we were downtown, people would come running in within minutes.”

    This simple strategy, of figuring out what works and committing to it, has yielded incredible marketing figures. Posts by Moseley Family Cellars get a lot of likes, people share and check in on Facebook. Customers have left numerous of reviews. This engagement has created great results in local search.

    Mimi also credits this engagement to the fact that her store, as a local company that creates high end wines, offers an “experience” that can be shared on social media. Customers treat a visit to the winery as a special occasion in a way that big-box stores cannot replicate.

    Beyond that, it’s just a matter of offering great customer service and a great product. “If you treat people well, and let them know they’re cared for, they’ll stick with you,” Moseley remarks.

    Their tagline is “Come as guests, leave as family,” and as of this writing, the family is growing.

    If you want to check out the Moseley Family Cellars, they are located at 4712 Mountain Lakes Blvd #300 in Redding. You can also follow them on Facebook, or check out their website!

    If you want to hear our interview with them, click here!