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Keywords Matter When Writing a Business Blog Postvideo

Pay Someone To Write Blogs For Your Business..Unless you’re a writer

How blogging helps customers find your business and why you may want to hire someone to write blogs for your business.
Let The Pros Write Your Business Blogs..We Explainvideo

Let The Pros Write Your Business Blogs..We Explain

We're talking about using backlinks in your content strategy and why you might want to consider hiring a pro to write your business blogs.
Off-Site Back-linking | The Basicsvideo

Off-Site Back-linking | The Basics

We're talking about backlinks for your website and everything you need to be done offsite. Chances are this one is only going to apply to people who have established websites or who have taken over websites and so on.
Colin Kaepernick's Nike Ad Campaign Marketingvideo

Sales Increase | Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad Campaign Marketing

Well, I think we knew it wasn't going to sink Nike. Nike could have absorbed that. It turns out Nike sales jumped 31 percent in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick ad campaign.
Optimizing your site before backlinkingvideo

Optimize Your Site Before Back Linking

We're going to be talking about backlinking which is like the holy grail of online marketing. You could have a terrible website, and if you had a backlink from the home page of Google, you would probably be ranking for tons of stuff.