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Facebook updates are affecting businesses, we talk about why and how to handle the change.video

Facebook updates and how they impact your business

Zuckerberg came out, and he said that they are going to show fewer ads, fewer articles, and less information from business pages and he expects that people will use Facebook less throughout the day.

Project Hometown is a challenge to local businesses: Get your products and services online

The goal of Project Hometown is to get all 17,000 registered businesses in Shasta County to have their products online, and I think if we could do that we'd become pretty competitive against Amazon as a community.
Can Customers Find Your Business?video

Help Customers Shop Local – make your products easy to find

If you have a small business, the internet is impacting you, make sure your business is being found!
Be found by your customers or they will find your competitorsvideo

Digital Marketing Tips: Get your products and services found

Statistics show that consumers are willing to switch brands even if they have bought one brand for many years. If the new brand were helpful in the buying journey, they would switch over.
What are you doing to be found? What content are you creating to be found when someone's looking for which car is best? Are you answering the questions your prospective customers are asking?video

Be found during your customers buying process

Customers are going to get to the place where they wonder if they can afford it, and you will want to be the person to help them figure that out. If you don't help them, they will go to someone who can.
Shasta County - Sell your products and services online.video

Shasta County Sell Your Products Online: Project Hometown can help!

The first step to selling online is to be where your customers are and use the tools available, such as Google Adwords and other essential e-commerce tools.
A.B.C's of Success for small business for ecommerce and local business video

3 Simple Rules To Succeed In Business – without spending a ton on advertising

If this year, small and local businesses focused on the ABC's, everything would turn around for them. If you're doing what you need to, putting yourself and your business out there, you may not get blasted with e-mails from prospects but you are moving in the right direction, and over time, you will see results.
Respond faster! People want what you're selling and they want it now, and if you don't respond, they move on. That's just the way that it is.video

Respond quickly to your customers – useful bots

Giving your customers what they want when they want it is the best way to maintain their business. Responding quickly matters!
Small business tips for 2018 - Radio and Direct Mail Marketingvideo

Radio and direct mail marketing for small business

You need to make sure as a business you are balancing your real-world customers and internet customers. Don't ignore the real world!
Spend less time chasing payments from clients.video

Billing clients with less effort – Small business tips for 2018

The amount of time spent chasing down payments from clients is obscene. It's like a whole job in itself. Anybody who owns a business knows that you pay somebody so that you can get paid.
Ask your marketing company if you are set up and logged into analytics and if you aren't, get a new marketing company.video

Check your website analytics – it’s easy to do!

Ask your marketing company if you are set up and logged into analytics and if you aren't, get a new marketing company.
Small Business tips for 2018 - Up-sellingvideo

Valuable up-sells for business success

Small business sales techniques often include upselling because it can bring in more money. But, you have to provide a valuable service for the extra money your customers are paying.

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Project Hometown is a challenge to local businesses: To get the products or services of every business in our community online, being found the way customers want to shop.

The idea is to come together as a community, to shift the impact the Internet has on our community. Customers are going online at an incredible rate. We have never seen anything like this. The “find X near me” phenomenon, just for starters, is an unprecedented opportunity.

Project Hometown is a movement to face this challenge together, by putting our products and services online.